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Humans of Campi Flegrei, #5 Angelo Di Costanzo

7 settembre 2015

Con Humans of Campi Flegrei, Mia Duberg Nielsen¤ raccoglie e racconta le storie di questa nostra terra attraverso gli occhi delle persone che sono parte di questa cultura unica. In qualche modo, qui il tempo si è fermato e le vecchie tradizioni sono ancora celebrate.

Humans of Campi Flegrei - foto Marina Sgamato

“The most important part of our job is to share the experiences. There is no value in being the best, unless you share your knowledge with others, and give them the chance to be the best in the next generation”.

Angelo Di Costanzo is today working as Food & Beverage Manager at Feudi di San Gregorio¤ in Sorbo Serpico – one of the most important vineyards in Italy. After several years of being a sommelier, he can now pass on his knowledge and experience to his employees.

It all started when Angelo decided to start studying to become a chef, but his teachers soon saw other potential in him, and suggested he studied to be in the front of a restaurant instead of the back. He is a storyteller by heart and after 5 years of studying he entered the work space as a waiter at different restaurants. One of these places was La Fattoria del Campiglione¤, and at this time the only restaurant in the area with a wine cellar. Here is where his passion for the wine came to life, and he went from being a waiter to train to become a sommelier. Now working with his passion, after some years he didn’t feel like he was getting enough challenges and experiences. Without any places in the area where he could improve himself, he decided to take the next jump in his life and opened the wine store and bar L’Arcante¤.

Today though, the store is no longer but it remains as Angelo’s blog about wine. Several reasons were responsible for him deciding to end this chapter, but he still remembers the years as good experiences. It was time for new challenges, new experiences and new knowledge.

He started working at one of the finest hotels in Italy – the 5-star Palace Hotel & Spa¤ on the island Capri – a big challenge and opportunity for someone from Pozzuoli, to suddenly work with the best wine in the world, the best costumers, to be in a place full of luxury, at a restaurant that had their 2nd Michelin star confirmed in 2009¤, while Angelo was part of the team. These were also years that were great for Angelo professionally as in 2004 and 2005 he was voted to be among the 12 best Sommeliers in Italy, and in 2008 the best Sommelier in the region Campania and in 2014 the Sommelier of the year by L’Espresso Guide¤. But though he was now in a fine position at a great restaurant and hotel, he always remembered to come back to the small and humble area he was from in Pozzuoli, and kept in contact with his friends and the winemakers from here, and still likes to visit them, which is confirmed by the fact that we are meeting him in the vineyard of Raffaele Moccia, Agnanum.

Today Angelo is no longer just a sommelier, but the Food & Beverage Manager, with 50 employees below him. The wine is still his passion, which is why the blog is important for him, but also through passing on his knowledge to his employees. Every month he takes a group of them to visit other companies, who produces things like the wine, the vegetables, the prosciutto. It is important to him that his employees get this knowledge and see these producers, and understand how important they are, and to share the experiences.

Qui la versione completa con la traduzione in italiano su Humans of campi flegrei #5 Angelo Di Costanzo. Grazie a Marina Sgamato per la bella foto.


With Humans of Campi Flegrei, Mia Duberg Nielsen¤ is telling the stories of Campi Flegrei through the eyes of the people who are part of this unique culture. In some ways, the time here stands still and old traditions are still celebrated.

Qui tutti gli humans of campi flegrei.

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