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The era of the sommelier as “Delphic Oracle” is over, lo dicono a Talia Baiocchi* su “Eater”

19 aprile 2012

L’amico sommelier e giornalista Andrea Gori (da Burde) mi segnalava iersera questo articolo apparso su “Eater”, il giornale on line di Talia Baiocchi. Il pezzo, “The Era of the Sommelier as Delphic Oracle Is Over” è interessante e descrive chiaramente la nuova veste del sommelier moderno, non più semplicemente un Oracolo ma un vero comunicatore a 360°. In home page c’è una mia foto – l’hanno scovata Flickr -, è la prova di decantazione al concorso “Primo Sommelier della Campania vinto nel 2008! 

“People are no longer looking for the best wine, they’re looking for the most distinctive wine,” says Levi Dalton, sommelier at Boulud Sud in New York City. While that may just sound like semantics, it’s actually the single most significant development in the diner-sommelier relationship over the past 20 years. 

Raj Parr, the wine director for the Michael Mina group and the co-author – along with Jordan Mackay – of Secrets of the Sommeliers said that in 1996, when he first started as a sommelier it wasn’t about anything but what the guest wanted. Now, he says, the sommelier is less of a steward and more of an ambassador. Sommeliers are no longer just there to give the diner what they are familiar with; they’re there to expose them to something they probably wouldn’t have discovered on their own.

Qui l’articolo per intero pubblicato lo scorso 17 Aprile. 

*Talia Baiocchi is Eater’s Wine Editor. Find her on Twitter at @TaliaBaiocchi and over at “Eater NY” where she covers the treacherous world of New York wine lists via her Decanted column.

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